Friday, April 12, 2013

You don't have to starve!

When I finally decided "this has to be taken care of for good now", I literally searched the internet for 3 weeks to find the perfect protocol for killing off excess yeast in the body.
I was first directed to the "GAPS" diet, which is a good try, but it was so overwhelming to take all the information in. That and I just could not get over the fact that it has you drink bone and fat broth as part of the remedy.
You have to understand, I cannot stand the idea of eating something that once had eyes, or blood, or poop for that matter, lol. I do not call myself a Vegan, because I will eat meat sometimes, If someone else prepared and cooked it, and if I know it was a free-range fed, non hormonal, and non antibiotic injected white meat animal. Meat sold in stores or from fast food restaurants, does not pass the healthy and good for you test in my opinion.
Not only that, but meat just doesn't taste good to me sometimes. It tastes like..........flesh. I have no judgement to those who do eat meat, to not eat it is just my personal preference.

Then I went to the School of Natural Healing forums to see if they had any ideas. Why I didn't start there in the first place is beyond me, since I have my Family Herbal certificate from the School, and live and love Dr. Christopher's remedies for natural healing! I have been doing this natural healing stuff for 6 years now, and have had my certificate for 3 of them.

They didn't have a whole lot talked about on the forums, but I did come across a post that mentioned an article explaining exactly what I could do to take care of the yeast issue.

Click on this link for the protocol I found.
It was seriously like the heavens had been opened up for me. I trust Dr. Christopher's remedies with all my intuition. I have tried several on myself, and they have all worked wonders for me. I wanted to get started right away!

The same time I was researching all this, I also had called to set up an appointment with my friend Tisha Mecham, who is a master herbalist through the School of Natural Healing, and does Bio-Kinetic testing. She will test your energy, with muscle testing, to see the weak areas of your body, and then she can tell you what herbs would help you cleanse, and heal, and what foods to avoid during the cleansing process. I did a cleanse with her about 5 years ago also, and my 7 year old did one at 9 months, and it worked wonders for both of us.

I went to order the herbs for the Dr. Christopher's protocol, and some were out of stock, so while I was waiting a few days to order them, Tisha called and set up an appointment with me.

I went to my appointment and started a two week cleanse went pretty great, except for the fact that I did not know what to eat! I know what I can't eat, and trying to find anything that isn't produce in a normal grocery store is impossible!
I finally found some great options at the store Whole Foods, and I am excited to share what I have been munching on since. :) I am so excited, I am going to be continuing the diet  on my own terms. :)

I later realized that while nursing a baby, I should probably keep my cleansing gentle, because while cleansing the toxins are released into your blood stream and the baby will then need to cleanse of them too. So I decided to not do the protocol from Dr. Christopher's website while I am nursing, but when I am done, it will definitely be a cleanse I give a go at.

Anyway read on, I will be posting recipes and giving ideas for food you can have while doing a yeast cleanse. :)

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