Thursday, May 30, 2013

It was Not IBS

When I was a little girl, we lived literally out in the middle of no where. We were about 10 miles out of town from Rock Springs Wyoming, which wasn't very big either. My parents had a nice piece of land, in the middle of more barren land with a few scattered neighbors here and there. As little kids, we were always running free. There was really little fear of strangers. We knew our neighbors and loved them. Anyway, this has little to do with what I am going to talk about it, I just always get lost in that memory of bliss when I think about it.
I can remember when I first felt the signs of what I thought was IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I was probably 7, running around with my sisters on the dirt road in front of our home, when I felt a cramping feeling in my lower bowels. I would hunch over for a few minutes and then run off to play again.
This cramping feeling was only felt mildly as a child, and it was pretty rare.
When I got pregnant with my second child at age 26, the first month or two was spent with these cramping feelings intensified. I asked my OBGYN about them, and he asked me a few questions, and determined it could probably be my Gall Bladder.
I knew it wasn't my Gall Bladder. First of all your Gall bladder is up under your right rib cage, not down by your bladder.
I still avoided the foods they suggested to cut out of my diet, and I was fortunate to be able spend the rest of my pregnancy feeling pretty good.
My next pregnancy, I was feeling cruddy again, and I would have "an attack" in my lower bowels about once a month. This pregnancy was spent eating very well, and I was very healthy, and ate very clean, felt great for the most part, yet I still had these symptoms.
My last pregnancy, last year 2012, I was miserable on a weekly basis. I ate clean, for the most part, and had a wonderful pregnancy, but I still had these issues. I was more than convinced it was IBS, and I had not had any doctor tell me that was what it was. I like to study things extensively, and that was the only thing I could link it to. I knew yeast had a link to Lower Bowel diseases, but I didn't realize there was a little bit more to it.
A couple of months ago, I went to my friend Tisha to do a yeast cleanse. I told her that I had been dealing with IBS symptoms since I was a child, and I just wanted to take care of it for good now.
As she started muscle testing my body for different things, she told me "I don't believe it is IBS that you have. I believe it is yeast, parasites, and bacteria."
I had all 3 of those built up in my system.
The parasites are a small, and they eat all of the nutrition you put into your body.
I did a cleanse for 2 weeks, that consisted of avoiding the foods that feed yeast, listed in a previous post, and taking herbs that would help clean me out.
I took Pau d'arco tea twice a day and a clove of Garlic for the yeast once a day. I took Burdock for the bacteria, and Wormwood Combination for the parasites. I also took Astragalus for immune boosting, Raspberry leaf herb for nourishment, Slippery elm, for healing the digestive lining, and Cilantro for chemicals and radiation in my body.
After the two weeks, she muscle tested me again. and I was clear and free of the parasites, and bacteria, and my yeast levels of 10 went down to 6.
I absolutely felt better, and I haven't had an "IBS" attack since.
She advised me to take the Wormwood Combination once a week for maintenance, and to continue to take a clove of Garlic daily, and to switch between the Astragalus and Slippery Elm every other week.

We can get parasites and bacteria from these foods:
chocolate (the cockroach and bugs will climb in to the cocoa bean, thus being a source for parasites)
red meat
processed and packaged foods from the manufacturers and distributors uncleanliness
canned foods

Radiation and chemicals are a hard thing to avoid now days, with computers, cell phones, and all the technology that we are exposed to that puts off radiation. Chemicals are in our processed and non organic foods, our tap water, and from pollution from vehicles and the chem trails from airplanes, and from synthetic supplements and pain killers. It is important to keep up on cleansing these things from our bodies in addition to the yeast.  In combination, they will make you miserable. Its not hopeless though! Eating organic foods, exercising to encourage healthy elimination, and educating ourselves on what natural wholefoods are good for, will all help.
 My sister can set people up on the cleanse that I did. She is a student to become a Master Herbalist, and has been mentored by Tisha, who helped people on this path for 30 years. She is really good at what she does, and works with essential oils from Green Organics International also. Her website is  Look for a master Herbalist in your area too. Chances are they are familiar with the bio-kinetic muscle testing also, and would love to help you!

My other sister has been doing the cleanse protocol from Dr. Christopher, and has been sharing her journey. If you would like to see how she is doing and what she is doing you can check it out here

Consider your sypmtoms to not only being yeast. Yeast is a huge culprit, its not exactly easy to kill off completely, but bacteria, parasites, and chemicals and radiation are also big culprits, and in our day and society they are very common, even though we might not know it.